Auringonpaiste-enkeli Willow Tree - Sunshine

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Auringonpaiste-enkeli Willow Tree - Sunshine

Auringonpaiste-enkeli Willow Tree - Sunshine tuo mukanaan säkillisen auringonkukkia tuomaan iloa saajalleen.

Korkeus n. 14 cm, toimitetaan lahjapakkauksessa.

Tekijän saatesanat:

”Everyone knows somebody that lights up a room when she or he walks in. You’re always happy to see that person — it’s somebody who captures the essence of life — who’s fun to be around — who brings energy and light. Like when the sun comes out! When I’m outside on a cloudy day and feel the sun on my skin, it makes me want to turn my face up to embrace it — just like a sunflower. My sister Karen who helps me on Willow Tree was the inspiration for this piece; she raises my spirits. This piece is for those people who enrich your life every day.” —Susan Lordi

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